Tuesday, October 10, 2006

More on Campaign Signs

The law isn't that complicated:

108.1 No person shall affix a sign, advertisement or poster to any public street light or traffic signal, except as provided in accordance with this section.
108.2 The placing of any advertisement on any tree in the public space with nails is prohibited.
108.5 Posters of individuals seeking political office in the District can be displayed In the public space only after candidates have met the requirements of S210 of the DC Campaign Finance Reform and Conflict of Interest Act (DC Code, S I - 1101.01).
108.6 Political campaign literature materials shall be removed no later than 30 days following the general election.
108.7 Each sign, advertisement, or poster shall contain the date upon which it was Initially affixed to a street light or traffic signal.
108.8 Each sign, advertisement, or poster shall be affixed securely to avoid being torn or disengaged by normal weather conditions.
108.9 Signs and posters shall not be affixed by adhesives that prevent their complete removal from the fixture, or that do damage to the fixture. (It is illegal to use tape in affixing signs to lampposts.)
108.10 No more than three versions or copies of each sign, advertisement, or poster shall be affixed on one side of a street within one block.

I am not sure what the Conroy campaign doesn't understand about properly affixing signs to utility poles (note yard signs in public space is illegal), about limiting signs to 3 to a block (Nebraska Avenue is a joke right now), and please, do not staple signs to trees. The trees really don't like that.

If we cannot follow these simple rules, where will the madness end?

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