Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Military Road redux

The hot topic of Military Road has reemerged over the past week as the DC Department of Transportation concluded its "one year" study with restriping and center turn lanes.

The study came about as a result of Military Road residents complaining of speeding and lack of parking near their houses. As a result, DDOT implemented a one-lane in each direction approach to this Upper Northwest arterial roadway. The striping also includes center turn lanes.

The test was a disaster within a few days:

If you drive along Military Road in Northwest DC, you may have noticed longer backups. This is because 4 lanes of thru-traffic have been turned into 2 lanes. Some drivers tell 9News their morning commutes have increased by as much as 20 minutes due to the road changes. So, what happened to the other two lanes you ask? One of them is for turns only. The other one is for residential parking. While commuters may hate the new traffic pattern, most residents along this stretch of road love the changes. "People have been flying down Military Road for years using it as a highway," says long time resident Shelly Sconberger. In order to slow down the traffic, DCÂ’s Department of Transportation implemented the changes. Now they are studying the impact of all their work and they want to hear from you! If you have any pros or cons youÂ’d like DDOT to know about regarding this project, call 202-727-1000.

At the Octoberer 23, 2006 ANC 3/4G meeting, DDOT announced that they intend to maintain the 1 lane scheme on a permanent basis, except during rush-hour, when a second lane would be added (North lanes in the morning and south lanes for the PM). The ANC indicated a desire to simply revert the road scheme to the way it was before the study was conducted, while adding speed reduction schemes.

A community meeting for all interested will be held at the Chevy Chase Center on Wednesday, October 25th, 6:30.

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