Saturday, November 22, 2008

Homicide in Chevy Chase

From Councilmember Cheh:

This is to inform residents that there has been a double homicide at
5320 Belt Road. The police are on the scene and are investigating.
At this point, no information about the perpetrator(s) has been
released to the public. I am in contact with Commander Klein and will
continue to monitor the situation.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Election Day Changes

The new era of change reaches down to the local level as contested ANC races around the Ward bring fresh faces to the forefront:

In ANC 3C, new commissioners William Kummings and Anne-Marie Bairstow join incumbents Josh Hart, Lee Brian Reba, Catherine May and Trudy Reeves to bring a majority who favor the redevelopment of the Giant parcel at Newark and Wisconsin. Newcomer Darcy Buckley captured over 44% of the vote in 3C05 despite the efforts of the vacating incumbent and other Giant opponents in their support of heir apparent Leila Afzal.

In ANC 3E, Jonathan Bender holds a lead over the chosen "oppose development" candidate, while Tom Quinn has made a good showing against incumbent Lucy Eldridge (62-37%). With the addition of unopposed Sam Serebin to this 5 member commission, there should be some interesting discussion about the future of the community.

In ANC 3F, Tom Whitely has defeated the erstwhile Frank Winstead. This will make one Washington Post columnist very happy.

3G represents a further repudiation of the proposed historic district as the two candidates who seemed to favor designation, Mary Rowse and incumbent Chris Fromboluti appear to have been defeated by stated opponents, David Engel and Henry Griffin respectively.

Congratulations to Laura McGiffert Slover in her bid to return to the State Board of Education.