Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ward 3 Dems Opposes Obama Platform

A city-wide debate about the future roles of DC Office of Planning Director Harriet Tregoning and DDOT Director Gabe Klein has yielded an interesting development courtesy of the Ward 3 Dems.

An entry on the Greater Greater Washington Blog shares a letter penned by Ward 3 Dems Chairman Tom Smith. The crux of the letter is that Mayor-Elect Gray should pass on reappointing these two directors because of the lack of transparency each has fostered in their agencies. The Greater Greater Washington blog has specifics as to measures each has taken to be more open and transparent in their activities.

However, for the head of the Ward 3 Dems to take this position when the vast majority of voters supported Adrian Fenty and the policies his administration deployed seems so out of touch with the democratic voters the Committee is supposed to represent.

Let Mayor-Elect Gray know of your position.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Ward 3 ANC results

There were a number of contested Advisory Neighborhood Commission elections in Ward 3. Here are the unofficial results:

3B02: Jackie Blumenthal 84%
3C03: Anne-Marie Bairstow 65%
3D01: Kent Slowinski 53%
3D06: Ann Heuer 66%
3D09: Ann Haas 66%
3E01: Beverly Sklover 57%
3E04: Tom Quinn 55%
3F01: Adam Tope 50%
3G07: Henry Griffin 76%

Monday, November 01, 2010

ANC 3E 04 Race

Interesting that ANC 3E04 candidate Sally Greenberg has finally decided to join the digital world by introducing herself to the Chevy Chase Community Listserv. It would be nice if she were to also join the Tenleytown Listserv so she can participate with her core supporters.

Maybe the community can hear from the candidate rather than her surrogates?