Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Greater Greater Washington: 3D Gerrymander?

According to a post on Greater Greater Washington, there are members of the greater Spring Valley/Palisades area who are interested in gerrymandering American University students, thus potentially violating the rights of a protected class in the District of Columbia.

It would be nice if the Task Force shared other proposals in the ward, to make a more transparent process.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Babe's Site Update

ANC 3E Chair Jonathan Bender shared a PDF of the preliminary plan for the former Babe's Billiard site at the intersection of Brandywine and Wisconsin in the heart of Tenleytown.

According to Bender, the ANC will post the application and other details once the PUD is filed.

One commenter on the Tenleytown Yahoo Group has already weighed in:

That is an absolutely beautiful use of the site.

It is nicely scaled and a well-proportioned urban building. It will be an asset to the neighborhood and a significant improvement to a derelict site.

Anyone want to break out the popcorn and follow the usual back and forth on the Yahoo Group?