Thursday, May 30, 2013

DDOT -facepalm-

In 2009, DDOT engaged a consultant to produce a study to improve the streetscape and pedestrian safety in Glover Park. This followed a 2006 study completed by the DC Office of Planning in 2006. Just 6 weeks ago, the plans were finally implemented. However, a few residents in Georgetown and Observatory Circle, DDOT appears to have reversed its position on pedestrian safety and returned Wisconsin Avenue to a configuration that yielded 6 pedestrian-vehicle collisions in the three year period from 2008-2010.

One might be able to understand a politician wanting to cater to his constituents. However, the DC Department of Transportation answers to federal and professional standards. The current and former Mayors have held a progressive view of traffic management, particularly pedestrian safety. Thus, it is very curious that DDOT would make this change so swiftly at the whim of a Councilmember from a different Ward.

Is Mary Cheh complicit in this decision? Where is the Mayor on this issue? How about Pedestrian Safety advocates?

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Ward 3 Dems Fiddle while....

A recent action by the Ward 3 Dems is highlighted in Greater Greater Washington. Not surprising that this organization becomes increasingly irrelevant, even to voters in the Ward who supported Republican Patrick Mara in the recent At-Large special election.