Thursday, January 22, 2009

ANC Approves Giant

The Cleveland Park/Woodley Park ANC (3C) unanimously approved a resolution supporting the Giant PUD with eleven "conditions". The draft conditions are as follows:

1. The Applicant shall adhere to the provisions of its Transportation and Parking Management Plan and Truck Management Plan and will address any deficiencies in the number, size and location of loading docks so as to be in conformance with DC Department of Transportation¢s (DDOT) criteria and regulations and once any part of the PUD is in operation shall:
1. provide a full-time loading dock manager on duty during all loading hours,
2. prohibit truck deliveries between the hours of 9 PM and 7 AM,
3. prevent any delivery trucks or vans servicing the retail and commercial establishments in the PUD from idling in public space while waiting in queue for loading dock use, and
4. require a covenant of all retail and commercial tenants to restrict the size of delivery trucks to only those that will fit the loading docks and to prohibit off-loading in public space;

2. The Applicant shall continue to review the proposed design, location, and operation of the planned supermarket loading area off Idaho Avenue with DC Office of Planning (OP) and DDOT. The goal shall be to determine a location further removed from existing houses and to develop a design and operations plan that (1) minimizes the visibility of the loading dock from adjacent residential property to the south; (2) minimizes the noise impacts generated by trucks and loading activity; and (3) prohibits truck traffic serving the PUD from using Idaho Avenue south of the loading dock.

3. The Applicant shall continue to work with OP and DDOT to ensure that the planned amount of parking is adequate to accommodate the planned uses on the PUD site. ANC 3C recommends that, prior to filing for a building permit for the North Parcel parking garage, the Applicant shall prepare and submit a report to OP, DDOT, and ANC 3C analyzing the operation of the South Parcel parking garage and parking and traffic in the adjacent community. If OP and DDOT determine that the South Parcel parking garage is not operating adequately to accommodate the uses in the PUD, we recommend that they jointly explore with ANC 3C solutions to enhance the parking supply in the PUD prior to developing the north parcel;

4. The Applicant shall work with DDOT to design more equitable distribution of commercial and residential parking between the north and south parcels and to design dedicated commercial spaces in the north parcel;

5. The Applicant shall take measures to restrict all new residents in the PUD from obtaining Residential Parking Permits, or their equivalent, for parking on neighborhood streets;

6. The Applicant shall provide parking space for a car sharing vehicle(s) (such as Zipcar);

7. The Applicant shall provide thirty (30) spaces for overnight parking to the surrounding community and in addition will provide thirty (30) spaces for existing neighborhood restaurants;

8. The Applicant shall pay for the cost of installing a new traffic light at Wisconsin and Idaho Avenues and in addition will set aside an escrow of $300,000 to provide for traffic calming and mitigation of problems resulting from the PUD once the new supermarket is in operation;

9. The number of bulb-outs on Newark Street be reduced to allow for two lanes of eastbound traffic at Wisconsin Avenue and to allow for the maneuvering of buses from Idaho to Newark at the terminal located on Newark Street, eliminating any bulb-outs that may impede bus traffic, while retaining pedestrian safety at mid-block crosswalks;

10. No more than 20% of the ground-level retail gross floor area of the PUD along Wisconsin Avenue and Newark Street shall be devoted to banks, loan offices or other financial institutions, travel agencies, or other ticket offices;

11. Restaurants and prepared food shops, including fast food establishments, are permitted but shall occupy no more than 25% of the linear street frontage of the PUD along Wisconsin Avenue, Idaho Avenue and Newark Street, N.W., based on a representation of approximately 1,500 linear feet of retail frontage in the PUD;

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Giant Advocacy

This was posted on the Cleveland Park Listserv:

ANC3C votes Wednesday on whether to lend its approval to the development
proposed by Giant. This development has been a topic of debate for quite
some time and most people have formed an opinion. As we've seen, the voice
of the opposition is loud. They have flooded the ANC3C commissioners with
emails objecting to the development.

I'm writing to ask everyone who wants to see this development approved to
write an email to ANC3C Your email will be forwarded to
all commissioners.

Your voice in this debate is important.

Mike Rosella
Porter Street NW

Friday, January 16, 2009

News on the PPP

DCMUD updates the Tenley-Janey PPP.

Monday, January 05, 2009

CPCA Giant Meeting Jan 10

The Proposed Giant and the Community: What’s at stake?” is the subject of the next meeting of the Cleveland Park Citizens Association on Saturday, January 10, 10:15 a.m. at the Cleveland Park Library (Connecticut Avenue and Newark Street, NW). A panel of speakers will address an informative discussion of the zoning process as well as the history of the supermarket development and remaining community concerns.