Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Mark Plotkin on the Ward 3 General Election

Ward 3: So in the general election between Cheh and Conroy, does the Republican have any chance at all of winning? And have you noticed that Conroy's campaign signs and Web site seem to forget to include her party affiliation? Sorta like Michael Steele's TV ads that never seem to get around to mentioning whether it's a D or an R that appears after his name.

Mark Plotkin: There is no chance that Conroy can win in Ward 3. It is overwhelmingly Democratic and Conroy is in no way a household name. No Republican in D.C. can get elected in a Ward race. The numbers are just too overwhelming in favor of Democratic registration. Both Conroy and Steele don't mention publicize or in any way their party affiliation because they know it doesn't help their cause. Why advertise that you're so much in the minority in terms of party preference? What they're doing is smart. Why give somebody a reason to vote against you?

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