Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Mark Plotkin on the republican candidate

Tenleytown, D.C.: So, how do you feel about the possibility of a Republican holding the Ward 3 Council seat?

Mark Plotkin: Won't happen. The Ward is overwhelmingly Democratic. Mary Cheh ran a strong race and beat all her Democratic opponents by over two to one. Conroy is a sign, I don't know anything else about her. For a Republican to win in a Ward race because of the registration figures, they need to be a household name with a great history, or spend hundred of thousands of dollars. The fact of life is that Republicans are seven percent of the registered voters in D.C. That's an enormous hill to climb. The Republican party is a social club, not a political party in this city. I wish it was more, it would help on the Hill. The only elected Republican Carol Schwartz won't even support the Republican running for Mayor. That says it all.

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