Saturday, October 14, 2006

More bad traffic proposals for Ward 3

In a recent announcement for an updoming Chevy Chase ANC Meeting a commissioner announced that there is a

Possible proposal for one-way traffic on 3800 block of Livingston Street

One response retorted

Creating a one way traffic plan in the 3800 block of Livingston Street is a very bad idea and reminiscent of a one-way "Maze Plan" proposed and rejected (by the ANC) for the west side of Livingston and Morrison Streets in the late 1980s when I was on the ANC. Piecemeal traffic calming is NOT what this community needs. We need comprehensive traffic planning and a look at how one-way streets, traffic signals and other "calming" devices impact our traffic safety, traffic flow and cut through problems. I urge the ANC to reject this idea and all future proposals that consider one block or one street in isolation for traffic calming measures.

I agree with this sentiment. The city needs to formulate a comprehensive traffic management plan, rather than allow ANCs to encourage DDOT to implement these piecemeal measures.

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