Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Update on the River Road barrier

From DDOT Public Affiars Specialist Karyn LeBlanc:

My first priority is to apologize to you and the community for any confusion and misunderstanding over the past two years. I have begun to read through the many e-mails and various letters associated with this project and can understand the anger and confusion voiced by the community.

Late last week I met with the DDOT technical team to review the issues at hand with regard to the existing barriers, traffic signal, and planned traffic calming measures. I think it would be easiest to break these down into three groups.

1. Existing barriers:

DDOT had intended and had reported to the community and even began work to replace the existing barriers with a channelized left turn lane. However, after further review of the technical and financial aspects DDOT has now decided to leave the current barriers in place until such time as the permanent traffic signal is installed. It is my understanding that some residents will be upset by this decision. Please keep in mind that the planned replacement would be an expensive and very temporary solution that would have no significant added benefit to the condition of the street or traffic.

2. Traffic Signal

DDOT is scheduled to begin installation of the planned traffic signal and subsequent traffic calming measures pertaining to the traffic signal intersection in late April 2007.

3. Additional Traffic Calming Measures

DDOT is currently drafting proposed traffic calming measures for a few of the selected side streets as per previous discussions and agreements with the community. These proposed traffic calming measures will be presented to the community at scheduled ANC meetings and, if necessary, community meetings in an effort to obtain feedback and comments from the community. These meetings will be held over the next few months. DDOT is hopeful that this process will move quickly and that consensus from the community will be quickly forthcoming. It is DDOT's intention to listen to the community and, where possible, incorporate their comments and ideas into a final plan. While DDOT reserves the right to ensure safety standards as a top priority, many times information provided by the community lends to a more amenable solution.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Glover Park brings Fenty and Cheh to meetings

Glover Park is fortunate to have 2 opportunities to meet and discuss issues with our new Ward 3 Councilwoman Mary Cheh and new DC Mayor Adrian Fenty.

2/6/07 - Mary Cheh has confirmed that she will attend the GPCA monthly meeting at 7:00pm
2/8/07 - Both Mary Cheh and Adrian Fenty have confirmed they will attend the ANC3B meeting at 7:00pm
3/6/07 - Adrian Fenty has confirmed that he will attend the GPCA monthly meeting at 7:00pm

Please plan on attending any/all meetings and watch for more details in the next issue of The Glover Park Gazette.

The GPCA executive committee would like to make the GPCA meetings as productive as possible. In order to do so, please e-mail me a list of any topics you would like Mary Cheh to address on 2/6/07. We'll narrow down the top issues and provide them to her ahead of time so she can come prepared. Ideally we will raise issues with her that are Glover Park specific.

As the March GPCA meeting with the Mayor approaches, we will again solicit topics you would like the Mayor to address.

The ANC meeting will focus on 2 major issues facing Glover Park: Guy Mason Recreaction Center Renovations and Commercial District improvements. ANC representatives are trying to get the Mayor to come to the meeting informed and aware enough to be able to commit to putting both issues into his budget. Stay tuned for more details.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Glover Park Commercial District

The DC Office of Planning conducted a study of the Glover Park Commerical District throughout the Summer of 2006. The final study report is now available from the Office of Planning Website.

DDOT Initiative hits AU Park

As part of the first 100 days, Mayor Fenty has detailed the Department of Transportation to follow through on a safe streets inititiative, which features traffic calming and pedestrian safety. As part of this, DDOT is moving forward with the installation of several speed bumps. The DC Examiner featured the 46th street "addition" in a recent article:

In the coming months, DDOT will install the bumps, sometimes called speed humps or speed “cushions,” along several high traffic thoroughfares, including 46th Street from River Road to Massachusetts Avenue Northwest, ...
“It’s definitely quite a big commuter route, and I think speed bumps help slow and control traffic in that area,” said Talia Primor, who represents the stretch of 46th Street on Advisory Neighborhood Commission 3E.

The locations generally are selected in response to neighborhood requests, though DDOT audits each site to determine whether a speed bump is called for. The District installed 45 speed bumps in 2005 and about 80 more in 2006.

The stretch of 46th Street had featured speed bumps before a 2005 resurfacing project. ANC 3E had asked for a review prior to their reinstallation.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Cleveland Park Giant Update

Stop and Shop aka Giant Food, has updated the website for the plans at the fabled store at Newark Street.

After fits and starts dating back to 1998, the project seems to be moving forward to moderinize and upgrade the two-block section of Wisconsin Avenue controlled by the corporation. In response to the December 11, 2006neighborhood meeting, the official website has been updated to include context, renderings, plans, and interior amenities.

What strikes me about this is how Newark Street would become a little "town centre", with additional green space, traffic calming, and most importantly sheer walkability.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Parking Legislation offered by Cheh

According to the Washington Times, Council Members Cheh and Brown introduced legislation reserving space on residential streets for members of the DCFD. The bill provides up to 60 feet of curbside parking near fire stations for use by personal while on duty.

The article inferred that the bill may be expanded to include DCPS teachers with respect to schools.

ANC 3E Commissioner Amy McVey was quoted as supportive of this bill.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

ANC 3C Meeting 1/22

Monday, Jan. 22, ANC 3C meeting. Meeting begins at 7:30PM at the 2nd District
Police Station Community Room.

Introduction of Dee Smith, Constituent Services Coordinator, Office of Councilmember Mary Cheh

Consent Calendar: Public Space application filed by the British Embassy to erect a new service entrance off of Observatory Circle and new gatehouse and expanded mail facility with a portion of the gatehouse located in public space

Other Business:

Election of 2007 ANC 3C Officers

Consideration of Washington International School’s Special Exception application to increase enrollment by 25 students bringing total enrollment to 450 students, and increasing faculty and staff by 8 persons

Consideration of an application for a new liquor license and entertainment endorsement at Divino Lounge Restaurant, 3407 Connecticut Ave., NW; license would allow alcoholic beverage sale, service, and consumption from 11:30AM-2AM,
Sunday through Thursday, and until 3AM on Friday and Saturday; entertainment endorsement would allow background music with occasional DJ and tango lessons from 6PM-2AM, Sunday through Thursday, and until 3AM on Friday and Saturday Consideration of a resolution urging the Zoning Administrator to respond to a January 2005 ANC 3C request for an opinion on whether a proposed building at 3714 Massachusetts Ave., NW, owned by Soka Gakkai International, can be
permitted as a matter of right or whether it should be subject to a special exception process which would require that any prematurely issued permits be rescinded;

Consideration of a resolution that would require full disclosure of the extent of a building project, including a list of needed permits and all design plans, at the time that the first permit associated with the project is filed with the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs Approval of the 2007 ANC 3C committee chairmanships and 2007 meeting

ANC 3 F Meeting

ANC 3F will meet at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, January 17, 2007, at the
Capital Memorial Church, 3150 Chesapeake Street, N.W. Agenda items will

Election of ANC officers for 2007.
Consideration of an application to the Board of Zoning Adjustment to
subdivide the lot at 3546 Alton Place, N.W., so as to create two lots,
one of which will not meet the minimum area and width requirements under
the zoning regulations.
Consideration of a public space application for a new driveway and
driveway cut at 4618 - 38th Street, N.W.
Report on plans to rebuild the Wilson Pool and consideration of a request
for a determination on zoning requirements for parking.
Consideration of a request to reinstall residential permit parking signs
on the south side of the 2900 block of Upton Street, N.W.

Monday, January 15, 2007

DC Mud on the 5220 Wisconsin Ave project

The DC Real Estate blog DC Mud posted notice today of the release of images and details on the Akridge 5220 Wisconsin Avenue project. For more details, please visit their site.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Washington Post covers the BCC Rescue Squad

Katherine Shaver notes that the 70 year relationship between the all-volunteer sqaud started when the squad was based in Ward 3, and continued until it was codified by Montgomery County law in 2005 and continues to this day.

The squad began with one ambulance in a Northwest garage in 1937 and continued to serve that area even after moving to Bethesda in the 1950s. A formal memorandum of understanding between the squad and the District's fire and EMS department was codified into Montgomery law in 2005.

Complaints from DC residents outside the traditional service area as well as certain Montgomery County residents do not demonstrate the understanding and cooperation between the service and its historic roots.

Indeed, the squad takes in more money by percentage from DC residents than it provides in service calls, according to the article.

Perhaps if the Tenley fire house hadn't taken years to renovate and there wasn't evidence of mismanagement and mishandling of cases on the part of DC EMS this wouldn't be an issue.

However, with the additional development and population goals slated for the Friendship Heights-Tenley corridor, if more emergency services aren't dedicated to the area, the residents of Ward 3 will depend more on the BCC Rescuse Squad.

There should probably be more interjurisidctional coorperation such as the BCC Rescue Squad provides to DC residents.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Goulet receives Council Appointment

Ward 3 resident and former Council Candidate Eric Goulet has received an appointment from Chair Vincent Grey to be the Budget Director for the Council. Goulet served as the Clerk of the Finance and Revenue Committee under Ward 3 Councilman Jack Evans.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Dogs terrorize Cleveland Park

As reported on the Cleveland Park Listserv,

Two dogs just wandered through my yard - coming up from Macomb through our yard on Newark Street and now Highland. One doesn't have a collar but both look lost and wandering. One is a caramel colored boxer looking dog - not too big - maybe 60 pounds. The other is a black and white husky, that looks well rounded and maybe a bit on the older side.

The one canine was described as "light brown, short haired, somewhat muscular dog. A medium sized dog. It had a round rather than sharp face. The dog looked well fed..."

The dogs are accused of mauling and or killing several cats in the neighborhood.

According to 2nd District MPD Commander Andy Solberg, "be warned that if they have attacked and killed cats they are
likely not to be afraid to attack again. We encourage all residents to get to safety as a matter of first priority, and call 911 or 311 to report these dogs".

From the Cleveland Park Listserv:
Animal Control has caught the brown dog - a pit bull/boxer mix. It was not a stray. He got away from his owner in Rock Creek Park. The owner has been informed that the dog killed two cats and the Department of Health is investigating. They have not had any reports of sightings of a loose husky, so they think that he probably went home.

If anyone had a good look at the brown dog or saw it during one of the attacks, Animal Control would appreciate your coming down there to identify it.

MLK celebration to take place at UDC

The Mayor’s D.C. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Commission 22nd Annual King Holiday Celebration

Monday January 15, 2007
3:00 p.m. Public Reception
4:00 p.m. Program
5:30 p.m. Post-program reception

The University of the District of Columbia
4200 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Main Auditorium
Building 46

Sam of Sam's Park and Shop passes away

According to reports, Sam Gorlitz , co-founder of Rockville based Federal Reality Investment Trust passed away recently at the age of 89 . The company named the renovated Park and Shop development in the heart of the Cleveland Park Historic District after Gorlitz, who was credited with starting one of the nation's earliest real estate investment trusts devoted to retail assets.

According to the Washington Business Journal:

Federal Realty began in D.C. in 1962 with three metro-area properties including Congressional Plaza in Rockville. Today, the company has 18.6 million square feet in a portfolio that sketches across the country.

"By founding Federal Realty, one of the industry's first retail REITs 45 years ago, [Sam Gorlitz] earned a deserved reputation as a visionary," says President and CEO Don Wood. "Federal Realty continues to adhere to many of the operating principles that Sam and other members of the Federal Realty management team established over 40 years ago. He has left a strong imprint on the company and the community and today we consider ourselves stewards of his legacy."

Friday, January 05, 2007

Library Chief coming to Cleveland Park 1/13

The Friends of the Cleveland Park Library, the Cleveland Park Citizens Association, and the Cleveland Park Historical Society invite you to meet Ginnie Cooper, Chief Librarian of the D.C. Public Library System, on Saturday, January 13 at 10:15 a.m. at the Cleveland Park Library (street level auditorium), 3310 Connecticut Avenue NW at Macomb Street.

Come and find out what's ahead for the D.C. Public Library system - renovate MLK or build a new main library on the old convention center site? When will the Tenley-Friendship, Anacostia, Benning, and Watha T. Daniel/Shaw permanent branches (NOT interim branches) be opened? And when will ALL branches be refurbished, modernized, and upgraded?

We urge you to read the Mayor's Task Force report, "A Capital Library for a Capital City: A Blueprint for Change," on the D.C. Public Library's website at http://dclibrary.org/capcon/index.html Bring your questions - express your views!

Interim Tenley Library is open!

4200 Wisconsin Ave.

Hours of operation:

Monday: 9:30 am to 9:00 pm
Tuesday: 9:30 am to 5:30 pm
Wednesday: 9:30 am to 9:00 pm
Thursday: 9:30 am to 5:30 pm
Friday: 9:30 am to 5:30 pm
Saturday: 9:30 am to 5:30 pm
Sunday: 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Tortilla Soup at Cactus Cantina at the City Paper

Interesting review of a standard from the neighborhood!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Mark Plotkin on the swearing-in

On another matter which I think deserves mention and reaction, Ward 3 Councilmember, Mary Cheh has asked Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg to swear her in at the cerimonial swearing in on Wednesday morning at the DC Convention Center. It should be noted that Justice Ginsberg was one of the 8 justices in 2000 who in the lawsuit Alexander v Daley voted against the interests of the residents of D.C. by affirming the decision of the 3 judge panel which threw out D.C.'s case for full voting rights in the U.S. congress. Justice John Paul Stevens (Gerald Ford's only Supreme Court appointment) dissented from the majority decision and noted that he wanted to "set case for oral argument." That is in english, Ginsberg, a DC resident, not only voted against D.C. but would not even give the city a hearing. Cheh, a law professor, who I spoke with on Monday, takes great umbrage at this question and says that I am "over-reaching and really grasping and that all of this {questioning} is pretty offensive."
I think it's pretty offensive that elected officials continue to honor and reward those who go out of their way to diminish D.C. and not grant the same rights of citizenship that every other American takes for granted. I would like your reaction to this. Why must we continue this Stockholm Syndrome ( falling in love with our captors).

Mary Cheh takes office

According to the Washington Post, in a private ceremony this morning, Adrian Fenty, Mary Cheh and others officially took their oaths of office:

Gray --who replaced outgoing council chair Linda W. Cropp (D) -- was sworn in next, with his daughter standing next to him. Three new council members, Mary Cheh (D-Ward 3), Harry Thomas Jr. (D-Ward 5) and Tommy Wells (D-Ward 6), also took the oath of office, as did returning incumbent council members David A. Catania (I-At Large), Jim Graham (D-Ward 1) and Phil Mendelson (D-At Large).

Within 10 minutes, the ceremony was over and the new D.C. leadership posed for pictures and retired to the judge's chambers to sign official documents.