Monday, September 18, 2006

A new job for Kathy Patterson?

It would have been very easy for outgoing Ward 3 Council Person Kathy Patterson to simply run for re-election. However, she made a choice to become the Coucil Chair, and lost to Ward 7 Councilman Vince Grey. Because her seat was up, Ms. Patteron had to choose between Council jobs and forfieted the opportunity to run for the Democratic Nomination captured by GWU Law Professor Mary Cheh. What to do now? The DC Examiner is reporting that presumptive Mayor Adrian Fenty is considering asking Ms. Patterson to take over as deputy mayor for public safety and justice:

As presumptive mayor-elect Adrian Fenty weighs the future of D.C.’s chief of police, he already has spoken to District Council Member Kathy Patterson about supervising the city’s emergency agencies, Fenty’s spokesman told The Examiner on Sunday.

Fenty and Patterson spoke Friday about the soon-to-be-open job of deputy mayor for public safety and justice, Fenty’s spokesman Alec Evans said.

“He and Kathy spoke about the possibility of her exploring a position, but it didn’t go much further than that,” Evans said.

Nonetheless, the two have been allies on the Council and personal friends for a long time. Both have been outspoken critics of the police department under Chief Charles Ramsey.

“I know Adrian has a high level of respect for Council Member Patterson — very high,” Evans said.

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