Friday, September 08, 2006

DC Examiner Weighs in

Harry Jaffe:

In Ward 3, businessman Robert Gordon is not a native, but he’s been here 30 years and sent his kids through Washington schools. That’s enough street cred for me.

Editorial Page:

Ward 3: Eric Goulet

Of the many Democrats running in Ward 3, only Eric Goulet expressed alarm about the city’s financial future. “We’re running the highest per-capita debt of any jurisdiction in the United States during a time of surplus, and I’m very, very concerned about that,” Finance Chairman Jack Evans’ former clerk told The Examiner. District residents better be concerned too; in an economic downturn, the combination could be disastrous.

To prevent another fiscal meltdown, Goulet wants to link residential property tax increases to the inflation rate and limit annual growth of the city’s budget to a sustainable 5 percent. These proposals are not politically sexy, but the council could have prevented the humiliation of the Control Board years ago had it been following such sound advice.

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