Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Metro and Ward 3

Progressive Review publisher and former Ward 3 resident Sam Smith postited in a recent blog entry that Metro has actually undermined and exacerbated some of the issues it intended to mitigate.

Given some of the traffic situations (albeit extreme) we are seeing this week on Connecticut Avenue, we as a community have to continue to think about the shape and form of development in the comming years and decades. One group is putting for a new perspective and outlook for the community. Ward 3 Vision is a coalition of Ward 3 residents and civic groups working to ensure that new development coming to our community forward-thinking and beneficial to our area. They recognize that our city and Ward are growing, and that if done right, new development can give Ward 3 residents the community amenities we all desire.

Their vision includes maintaining the quiet, residential neighborhoods just a few blocks away from Wisconsin Avenue while anticipating increased demands for housing, transportation, and parking. They are committed to working with city planners and developers to ensure that new development maximizes walking and public transit, minimizes commuter traffic, and brings much needed amenities to our neighborhood.

Indeed, members of the group have been active in recent weeks, working with various Ward 3 candidates for Council, and helping shape discussion amongst residents about the future of our community, particularly along the Wisconsin Avenue Corridor.

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