Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Another money analysis

Well, the unofficial votes are in and the 8 day filings are in, so I thought I would look at the Ward 3 race from a different perspective. Given the earlier posts about monies raised, I thought it would be interesting to see what the dollar per vote cost was in this race.

Here are the vote totals (unofficial):

Mary Cheh 6,006
Paul Strauss 1,987
Sam Brooks 1,107
Robert Gordon 1,060
Cathy Wiss 1,042
Erik S. Gaull 962
Bill Rice 888
Eric Goulet 469
Jonathan Rees 29

Here are the most recent financial numbers (9/5/06):

Cheh $84,500
Strauss $121,092
Gordon $87,831
Wiss $26,412
Brooks $66,820
Gaull $71,051
Rice $154,769
Goulet $45,820
Rees $500

The efficiency quotient is thus

Cheh $14.06
Rees $17.24
Wiss $24.25
Brooks $60.36
Strauss $60.94
Gaull $73.85
Gordon $82.86
Goulet $97.70
Rice $174.29

I am not sure who managed Bill Rice's campaign, but clearly, they should probably be thinking about doing something else. Raising all that money from outside the Ward, only to use it with excessive robo-calls that did nothing more than infuriate the electorate from within the Ward. Bravo!

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