Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Cheh in a Virtual Landslide

Despite shill chatter from supporters of various candidates on local Yahoo Groups, anonymous attacking robo calls, and a moderate turnout at the polls, GWU Law Professor Mary Cheh prevailed in the hotly contested race to replace Kathy Patterson. Marc Fisher of the Washington Post commented late on election night:

An easy, dominating win for Mary Cheh, with 46 percent of the vote so far in a nine-way race. That's a powerful endorsement by the silent, pro-development majority against the NIMBYs and suburban wannabes who have fought against transit-oriented development around Metro stations.

The final results are as follows:

Mary M. Cheh 44.13% 6,006
Paul Strauss 14.60% 1,987
Sam Brooks 8.13% 1,107
Robert Gordon 7.79% 1,060
Cathy Wiss 8.09% 1,042
Erik S. Gaull 7.07% 962
Bill Rice 6.53% 888
Eric Goulet 3.45% 469
Jonathan Rees .21% 29

The good news, we probably do not need to hear it from the sour grapes corwd that there is no mandate for Ms. Cheh, or that there needs to be a runoff for this result to hold (although, there probably be a runoff law instituted for future elections).

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