Thursday, July 20, 2006

Summer Doldrums in the Ward 3 Candidate Race

Once the July 4th Palisades Parade ends, the dog-days of summer kick in for the political season. In Ward 3, there have been a number of small events sponsored by various candidates and friends of Candidates. A couple have caught my eye.

ANC Commissioner Robert Gordon is following his "West Wing" event with a Reduced Shakespeare Company fundraiser on July 24th. Gordon seems to be trying to corner the market in the theater aficionado community in the Ward. Meanwhile, GWU Law Professor Mary Cheh is hosting an education forum on July 25th. Supporters can also pay money to walk the streets with Shadow Senator Paul Strauss. This does not include knocking on doors, but simply walking the streets and shaking hands with whomever happens to be out in this heatwave. I have seen candidates knocking on doors; Sam Brooks for example is close to having covered every single street in the Ward, a feat he started in February.

Meanwhile, the erstwhile Jonathan Rees continues to litter the streets with his flyers, which are now being sealed in envelopes. It is funny, this latest version doesn't even include his first name. DCist ran a commentary noting the first year anniversary of his unique campaign.

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