Thursday, July 27, 2006

Paul Strauss should be ashamed

A group calling itself "Public School Parents for Strauss" has circulated a letter to likely voters thoughout Ward 3 who are concerned with various public school issues. The letter reaches extensively into the breath of the candidates resume and qualifications for office. The group plainly states, "After researching and speaking with the initial group of candidates, we felt that our fellow Ward 3 public school parent and Shadow Senator Paul Strauss stood head and shoulders above the rest".

After contact with many of the candidates for the Ward 3 seat, all of whom were in the race prior to Strauss's entry, I have come to discover that none had been contacted in a formal by the signatories, or by such a group.

This letter has no credibility and certainly undermines any good will that Strauss has developed with the electorate during the course of the last three months. Indeed, at least 5 of the signatories are not Ward 3 Democrats, and at least one lives in Ward 1. Further, the letter was distributed by the Strauss for Council campaign.

Strauss should be ashamed.

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