Sunday, July 30, 2006

Robert Gordon has reading comprehension issues

This was sent out to Robert Gordon supporters recently. Does Mr. Gordon need to go back to grade school for reading comprehension? Does he think the average Ward 3 voters suffers in such skills?


Washington, DC - July 28, 2006 The Northwest Current endorsed Robert Gordon for the Ward 3 City Council seat stating that, “Other candidates in the race share some of the characteristics that Mr. Gordon -- would bring to the position, but we do not believe any of the others offer the same breadth or depth of experience, interests, and strengths.” Robert was extremely gratified to earn the support of the Northwest Current’s editorial board, “As a City Councilmember, I will work full-time to improve safety, community infrastructure, and the quality of life for Ward 3 and all of DC’s residents,” Gordon said.

The paper cited Robert’s business and political qualifications as the basis for their decision, “(Gordon’s) business background would prove particularly valuable given the absence of anyone with comparable experience on the current D.C. Council,” said the endorsement. Robert’s hands- on experience rebuilding schools in Iraq and community infrastructure around the globe are the type of skills that are needed locally to fix DC’s crumbling schools, libraries, and community centers. The Current said, “(w)e believe that he would doggedly scrutinize such projects. His background in procurement would enable him to examine contracting failures such as those that have contributed to repeated delays in repairs."

The Current also stressed Robert’s experience serving the community as an ANC commissioner and Chair for the past six years. “If you feel that Ward 3’s council member should emphasize ward-specific issues and constituent services, we suggest you vote for Mr. Gordon,” said the endorsement. In his role as an ANC commissioner, Robert had dealt with issues pertaining to community safety, traffic calming, and protecting the character and environment of our neighborhoods. Robert was instrumental in bring the parties together to collaborate on saving the Avalon Theater, now a neighborhood treasure.

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