Thursday, July 20, 2006

Department of Parks and Rec and Ward 3

Noted reporter and writer Jonetta Rose Barras has published an outstanding paper about the dysfunctional DC Department of Parks and Recreation. While evidence of this is seen throughout the city, in Ward 3, there are a few notable examples of the manifestation of this. A recent gathering of Guy Mason supporters was covered in the Northwest Current. Holes in physical plant and programming were noted, as staff retention was impossible without the funds needed to continue classes.

ANC 3/4G Commissioner Robert Gordon noted problems with the Chevy Chase Center in a recent posting to the Chevy Chase Community Listserv, "I recently walked through two inches of flood water while inspecting the basement of the Chevy Chase Community Center; flooding that could have been avoided if DPR took timely action, as requested on many
occasions by the ANC".

Disrepair and improvements have also been sought for the Forrest Hills and Macomb Playgrounds/rec centers, only to take months and years to get appropriate responses and action from the agency.

Where do the tax dollars go, and what does it take to get appropriate management in certain DC Agencies?

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