Monday, December 11, 2006

Yenching Palace closure appears to be near

An agenda item on the ANC 3C website for the December 18th, 2006 meeting features a discussion about a Walgreens proposal to alter the facade of the Yenching Palace coming to the Historic Preservation Review Board.

In a posting by ANC 3C Commissioner Bruce Beckner, the ANC is seeking opinions from residents on the Cleveland Park listserv:

I know there's been community interest in this project, so I'd like folks to have a chance to look at the drawings and come to our meeting on Monday to express their views. The plans appear to reflect an effort to preserve the exterior appearance of the building. The Walgreen's people say that the diamond-shaped windows are trademarked by another retail chain, which is why they have been modified from their current appearance. I personally have not made up my mind and will be interested in what people have to say.


Eddy said...

Yenching Palace's final day has been decided upon. On June 10th, the 52 year old restaurant will be serving her very last meal.
I'm going to miss it a lot. I've heard that many of the historical memoribilia (cuban missile crisis) will be dispalyed in D.C. meuseums, which is interesting.
Make sure everyone takes the time to make on last visit, to such a great historic site, it would be a shame if you missed it.

Eddy said...

DC poster
I know many people including myself that think the plans to preserve the exterior appearance are great. It is a shame that the wndows will not be the same, but what about the neon sign? Will walgreens be written in that same font? That would be a wonderful reminder of what used to be there. GOOD LUCK!