Sunday, December 31, 2006

Marc Fisher 12-31-06

Where I live in upper Northwest, I hear plenty of complaints that transcend neighborhood boundaries: Why do so many police officers stay sealed up in their vehicles? How long will the shame of the city's ambulance service frighten residents and visitors alike? How can it be that our local high school, Wilson, is considered one of the city's best, yet graduated only 53 percent of its seniors last spring?

But I'm also looking to you to take care of some smaller things: The half-done road project near my house is virtually dormant. Preservation zealots have joined with NIMBY activists to prevent needed development along Wisconsin Avenue. And the branch library has been shut down for two years.

D.C. residents tend to believe that their own corner of town is neglected while others get all the attention. If you can get us to see that we're all pretty equally ill-served, that would be a great service, and a promising first leg of your marathon run.

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