Thursday, December 14, 2006

A note from 2nd District MPD Commander Solberg

At the December 7, 2006, MPD Awards Ceremony, Tenleytown resident Melissa Haendler received a special recognition award from Chief Charles Ramsey for her hard work in helping 2D, and specifically PSA 203, throughout the past year. Melissa has been tireless in her efforts to assist us.

Also, Lt. Robert Aiello and the sergeants and officers of PSA 203, which covers Tenleytown, received an award from Chief Ramsey for being PSA of the Year in the Second District. Crime has been reduced this year in PSA 202 by 13% by Lt. Aiello's efforts and those of his officers and sergeants.

We salute all the residents and MPD members who have contributed to our crime fighting and community building efforts, which includes, to date, reductions in every crime category and an overall crime reduction in the Second District of 11% in 2006 compared to 2005.

Thank you,

Andy Solberg
Commander, Second District

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