Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Comprehensive Plan update

Today's City Council proceedings where the Comprehensive Plan is concerned:

Phil Mendelson moved to table the Comp Plan. That effort failed 7 against - 5 for with Marion Barry absent. Adrian Fenty, Vincent Gray, Kwame Brown, Phil Mendelson and Sharon Ambrose voted to table it.

The Council moved on to amendments, many of which were proposed and adopted.

Chair Linda Cropp moved to a vote and the Council unanimously voted to approve the Comp Plan through the first mark-up and approved sending it to a final vote, later in December.

For Ward 3, the plan features a concentration on more alternative transit (bike lanes, street cars, flex/zip cars) and a focus on development in small zones around the Tenleytown and Friendship Heights Metro stations.

Here is the Washington Post coverage:

... the council gave initial approval with a vote of 12 to 0 for a new Comprehensive Plan, a 20-year road map for the city that concentrates development around Metro stations, pushes for the construction of affordable housing and outlines how neighborhoods should look.

The plan had been controversial as smart-growth advocates pushed the council to approve the plan and the D.C. Federation of Citizens Associations, the Committee of 100 and other neighborhood groups pushed the council to delay voting on the plan until next year. But the 500-page plan was approved after several amendments were added.

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