Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Notes

Marc Fisher:

Ward 3 ex-pat in Philly:
It looks like Mary Cheh isn't having too much trouble tonight. Your thoughts?

Marc Fisher: She's won the Ward 3 council seat with well more than 70 percent of the vote, verifying the Democratic primary result and yet again showing the DC government and city voters that the NIMBY, anti-development forces in upper Northwest can make noise, but represent only a tiny but loud minority. The effort by some Dems to rally around anti-development Republican Theresa Conroy amounted to nothing.

Posted 10:43 p.m., 11.7.2006

Results as compared to previous years:

Mary Cheh 71% (12,991-5,077) compares to previous years as follows:
Kathy Patterson won with 78% in 2002 (17,000 to 4600)
Kathy Patterson won with 98% in 1998 (no competitor)
Kathy Patterson won with 77% in 1994 (21,000 to 6,000)

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