Friday, November 03, 2006

Cheh v Conroy: This sums it up

Tonight was the big, final showdown sponsored generally by the Conroy supporters. There are two episodes from the proceedings which symbolize the entire evening.

Episode 1: In her rebuttal question, Mary Cheh summarized the school modernization timetable of 2019 as unacceptable, and offered to speed the modernization for Ward 3 schools. She asked Conroy if she agreed with that premise, and if so, how would she pay for it? Response: Not with overdevelopment in Ward 3.

No substance on education, school modernization, budgetary issues. Nothing she could think of off the top of her head.

Episode 2: In her closing statement, Mary Cheh cited the City Paper analysis of Theresa Conroy as "the latest darling of the NIMBY crowd that opposes development in Tenleytown. Conroy is a bona fide anti-abortion Republican. Let her take the NIMBY case to the zoning commission". This drew cat calls from some of those in attendance. Why? In my opinion, because the democrats for Conroy do not want to face the pact they have made with this candidate. They are so focused on the single issue of development that everything else should be damned.

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