Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Chevy Chase Historic District

After roughly 15 years of study and evaluation, the Historic Chevy Chase (DC) is looking to join the ranks of Cleveland Park and Woodley Park as historic districts within the Ward.

A recent mailing circulated to affected homeowners outlines the benefits of the proposed historic district by "ensuring that the many qualities that make Chevy Chase, DC livable and unique will remain long after we're gone".

The proposed district is divided into 5 zones, roughly described as between Western Avenue to the North, Harrison Street to the south, Chevy Chase Parkway to the east and 41st Street to the West. These neighborhoods were platted between 1907 and 1918 and generally developed between 1907 and the 1930's. Much of the area was created by the Chevy Chase Land Company, which was also responsible for the street car to Chevy Chase Circle, as well as the Chevy Chase, MD development across Western Avenue. 2007 marks the centennial of the original platting of the neighborhood.

In addition to the announced meeting on December 5th, both ANC 3E and 3G will hold public discussion on the proposal before the submission is finalized.

Citizens will also be able to appear before the Historic Preservation Review Board before the nomination to comment on its merits.

This is a long time in coming, with a lot of hard work by dedicated Chevy Chase residents!

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