Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wisconsin Avenue Giant: The Saga Continues

ANC 3C Commissioner Trudy Reeves has announced on the Cleveland Park Listserv that the "Wisconsin-Newark Neighborhood Coalition" has filed an appeal on the PUD application for the Giant on Wisconsin Avenue.

The Hogan Lovells law firm filed an appeal to the DC Court of Appeals earlier this month on behalf of WNNC, Wisconsin-Newark Neighborhood Coalition, (Diane Olson, John Korbel, Peter Espenshied, Ann Hamilton, et al.) and the Idaho Avenue folks (Phil Montalto). The appeal says nothing new. Very briefly: they argue that the Zoning Commission does not have jurisdiction in this case; the PUD is inconsistent with the Comprehensive Plan; and Idaho Avenue is not wide enough for trucks. All of these issues have been covered before. Giant's attorneys will file their brief in the next couple of weeks; then the petitioners have about a month to respond; and then a date will be set for a hearing, which will probably be several months away."

So, given the duration of this process since last year much less 2004 and 2000, how much longer can the 'tyranny of the minority" rule the roost?


Suse said...

When will it ever end? So much potential for so many in the's stifling and such a waste.

Gabe said...

Completely agree! What a shame that Mendelson and a handful of others can have such a negative impact on a community.

Thankfully, some folks are starting to get fed-up with the nonsense and beginning to do something about it. Better late than never, I suppose.