Monday, August 30, 2010

Chevy Chase Parkway: WARNING

Recall the vitriol within the Chevy Chase community when DDOT proposed installing speed humps as a traffic calming measure on Chevy Chase's Morrison Street. Those humps were installed essentially at the request (see Feb 25, 2008 Minutes, cited here) of the ANC. Then DDOT Director Emeke Moneme came to an ANC 3G meeting to discuss the Pedestrian Signal about which the ANC complained so bitterly despite their request for its installation:

He said the test phase of the light would be completed in April and that at this time DDOT is not inclined to change the light. He noted that there were three options on the table: to leave the light as it is presently functioning; to provide a short flashing yellow for motorists on Morrison Street; or to make the signal a regular green/yellow/red light including a short 8 second advance pedestrian only phase, with the addition of speed bumps on Morrison Street.

After the humps were installed, the ANC waged a campaign of delay and even removal. Recall, also, that Mayor Fenty has a policy of installing speed humps wherever a block wanted them. In this situation, the ANC made a choice which necessitated the installation of speed humps (and why is the city giving ANC transportation planning choices?)

So why bring this up?

It seems as if a speed hump, a very large and pointy one, has been installed on Chevy Chase Parkway, right around the corner from the residence of outspoken ANC Commissioner and speed hump opponent David Engle. This hump was installed despite:

-the absence of any discussion at any ANC meeting about traffic calming for this location despite the inclusion of speed humps on the agenda for virtually every meeting over the past 18 months;

-any announcement from DDOT or the ANC to the community about its installation;

-any mention of a request on the Community listserv, nothing.

The reason for this post? There is also no signage warning motorists of its existence. It begs the question, was this speed hump installed by DDOT, or by some of the residents who felt like they wanted to by-pass the process and the scrutiny of an ANC that has been steadfast against road safety within Chevy Chase, DC?

So be forewarned, there is a speed hump on Chevy Chase Parkway between McKinley Street and Patterson Street, NW.

(For an additional bit of irony on this matter, since the Morrison Street pedestrian signal was re-programmed to a traditional signal, DDOT has installed HAWK signals and other innovations in Northwest DC. Maybe it is time to reconsider re-programming the Morrison Street light back to something more pedestrian-friendly, as originally requested by the ANC?)


Dave said...

It is a shame DCposter didn't bother to get his facts right. Putting aside his misstatement of the facts regarding the Morrison Street speed hump issue, he is also incorrect regarding my view on speed humps. As the organizer of the Chevy Chase Parkway petition can verify( Bob Lasser) when he contacted me I encouraged him to request speed humps on that street and do not oppose speed humps as a valid traffic calming measure ( in fact additional but reasonably sized humps should have been considered for that street)

What I do object to is a) the lack of community consultation and b) speed humps that do not meet the Department's own standards . On the 5700 block of Chevy Chase Parkway, the ANC was never consulted after repeated requests to DOT that they ask for our comments. In addition the speed hump installed on Chevy Chase Parkway as well as on additional streets recently installed in the neighborhood, do not meet the Department's own standards that such humps be no more than 3-4 inches high and 14 ft wide If such humps had been installed there would be little controversy. DCposter's questioning the role of ANC's in the process, is misguided. Humps should not be installed solely at the request of an individual block --they often impact surrounding blocks and these residents should also have some say. Unless DCposter knows of another way,the ANC is the only body where neighboring blocks can have a say

In the future, I hope that DCposter does his research before posting nonsense

David Engel
SMD 3G05

DC Poster said...

I will acknowledge the omission in the original post. The information was based on a lack of notice in the ANC Agenda on any discussion related to this issue. I understand now that this was at the hands of the DC Department of Transportation and not the Advisory Neighborhood Commission.

I will however, stand by the characterization of the issues surrounding the traffic calming on Morrison Street as the ANC Minutes and reports in the NW Current corroborate the timeline and facts surrounding the traffic light and speed humps.