Friday, August 27, 2010

Clark Ray and Giant

DC At-Large Council Candidate Clark Ray has put out a new video which promotes his Smart Growth credibility while highlighting some of the keep-it-the-same stance of his primary opponent, Phil Mendelson.



Gabe said...

Mendelson needs to go! It's insane to have learned that not only that Mendelson behind BLOCKING the renovation project at Giant but also behind putting up a protective fence around the playground to keep the toddlers from running out into the street.

Mendelson and Cheh need to go! We need to get people in office who want to see this community prosper.

Gabe said...

Mendelson needs to go along with Cheh. Both have done nothing for this community - and in fact - have actively worked to block positive things from moving forward in our community.

The dog park... the renovation and development project at the Giant ... and others.

I've never really cared about "local politics", but when it starts to impact my property value ... it then becomes personal.