Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ward 3 Man Suffers Environmental Hate Crime

Allison Klein of The Washington Post reports a hate crime not seen in Ward 3 before.

A resident in a "liberal" part of Brandywine Street had his Hummer vandalized be so-called eco-terrorists.

There are many more productive ways to express frustration over consumptive excess.


Keith said...

The idiots who committed this crime should certainly be caught and prosecuted, but would you please not damage the words "hate crime" and "terrorism" by applying them to this vandalism?

If this is a hate crime, what crime of violence or property destruction is not a hate crime?

DC Poster said...

I appreciate the comment. While I would personally never purchase or voluntarily drive a vehicle such as a Hummer, it is clear that this crime was caused by folks who are motivated by eco-terrorist type tactics.

I think there is a lot of unwarrented property destruction which is random, such as teens wielding a baseball bat on mail boxes or side view mirrors. This act was clearly motivated by other philosophies.

I will ponder your suggestion and consider choosing words more carefully in the future.