Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Express: The Russian Embassy's New Colorful Wall

Courtesy of Michael Grass, The Washington Post/Express:

THE RUSSIANS' ICONIC WHITE MARBLE embassy complex in Glover Park has acquired some color: yellow.
The new hue is featured on the massive wall protecting the giant campus' backside along Tunlaw Road. The change is worth noting, since the embassy complex — whose main building is similar to the Russian parliament house in Moscow — has long been known for its drab, almost prison-like look, at least from the Tunlaw side. (We'll see if China's new compound under construction on Van Ness Street NW will snatch the prize for looking most like a lockup when it's done.)
A neighborhood source tells us that the wall was painted by hand — no power painting tools were used. Try doing that in last week's heat.

Who knows, the change could have unintended effects. Neighbors have complained about speeding along that stretch of Tunlaw Road. Maybe the yellow wall will draw the attention of drivers and get them to slow down, if just for a moment.

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