Friday, July 13, 2007

Tribute to a local Firefighter.

The Tenleytown firefighter who died in the line of duty will be buried on Saturday, July 14. At approximately 2:05 pm, the traditional firefighter funeral procession will pass the quarters of Engine 20 where James McRae served.

McRae passed away on July 7th. He was the tillerman for Tenleytown's Truck 12 and was on duty when he suffered chest pains and was subsequently pronounced at the Washington Hostpital Center.

The procession starts at the convention center, proceeding out Massachusettes Avenue, turning north onto Wisconsin Avenue to pass the Tenley Firehouse. It will then turn right on Tenley Circle to Nebraska Avenue, right on Connecticut Avenue returning downtown and from there to the cemetery.

Viewing the procession is an opportunity for the neighbors to participate in a solemn tribute to our lost firefighter.

Courtesy ANC 3E Commissioner Amy McVey

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