Thursday, June 28, 2007

One view on the ANC3E PPP Presentation

As recently discussed, ANC 3E has been engaged in a parallel discussion over the Janey-Tenley Public Private Partnership. As recently announced, the ANC held a community meeting earlier this week to discuss the results of their fundings.

One response to this meeting was less than enthusiastic:

Despite the guise of presenting an objective, fact-based analysis of the Roadside proposal, the material presented by the official from the ANC was clearly slanted against that proposal (and, perhaps, any other so-called public-private partnership), for reasons that are not at all clear...I think the residents of the ANC, and anyone affected by what happens to Janney and the library, deserve to have city representatives, elected and employees, stick to the facts and not act as lobbyists one way or the other.

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