Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Farewell Cosi, Hello Sleepwell?

As previously reported, Cosi was exploring the Blockbuster Video site at the Park n Shop as a possible site for expansion. As Clevleland Park is subject to a Neighborhood Commercial Overlay District district limiting the number of permitted food estblishments on the strip, the entry of Cosi came into question.

Rumors on the strip suggest that as more stores leave the Cleveland Park neighborhood --Ritz Camera is slated to close its doors shorty-- Cosi restaurant has decided not to move into the space that had been occupied by Blockbuster video on Connecticut Avenue between Ordway and Porter Streets.

There was intense opposition to Cosi by some residents who thought that Cleveland Park has too many restaurants. These neighbors believe that if the current zoning regulation --the commerical overlay zone-- is enforced that will force landlords to lower their rents and bring in establishments like a hardware store and flower shop. Other opponents suggested that Cosi simply apply for zoning releif, rather than challange the entire Overlay process. Despite these ruminations, an unscientific poll on the Cleveland Park listserv suggests that residents are overwhelmingly in favor of such food establishments planting flags in the neighborhood.

It now appears that a mattress store may move into that space that Cosi has abandoned.

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