Tuesday, March 06, 2007

More discussion on the Chevy Chase Historic District

As the HCCDC group rounds the fourth turn and into the home stretch of a formal submission to make parts of the original street car development in Chevy Chase a historic district, the meetings and discourse on the subject have increased in intensity.

ANC 3/4G had determined in January to hold a series of public meetings later this Spring, once the draft submission is available for review. ANC3E has been included now because one portion of an original subdivision falls within its boundaries.

As a result, a meeting was held this past weekend with a presentation from HCCDC Chair Jenny Chesky, HPO Lead David Maloney and some opponents making statements and presentations. Most in attendance were either active ANC Commissioners, or stated opponents/proponents of the study.

Noted commentator Ed Cowan, whose residence is outside of the study area, provided this commentary on the Chevy Chase Listserv. Part of the "news" from the meeting was the discussion of a possible referendum, or poll, of affected property owners in the study area, sponsored by the affected ANCs, to determine the degree of popular support. Indeed, the ANCs appear to be split on the issue, and some form of measure of support or opposition will go a long way to determining if the study makes it to the Historic Preservation Office for review.

In response to this news, follow-on follow-on posts suggest that polling could prove to be difficult, as there may be broader issues surrounding the details.

There will be more to this over the coming months.

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