Thursday, March 22, 2007

Cleveland Park Nursing Home to Close

The Northwest Curret reported this week that the Beverly Living Nursing Home of 3333 Wisconsin Avenue has provided notice to the District Department of Health of its intention to close the facility by June.

ANC 3C Chair Nancy MacWood has offered this update:

I am anticipating that there may be a need for information about the news that the Beverly Nursing Home on Wisconsin Ave. is closing this facility. The 90 day notice that they were required to post with the Dept. of Health will expire in June. During the 90 day period, many families who have loved ones in the facility will be exploring their options for relocation. After the 90 day period, the facility staff become more involved in helping to place patients; in other words, making sure that everyone has an appropriate placement. Some of these patients have been in the facility for over 20 years. The process of closing down the facility is estimated to take 9-12 months.

There are more than 300 employees who will be looking for new jobs. Several DC agencies are working with the facility to help with this transition.

The building has not been sold based on information I received today. As I learn more, I will keep the listserv updated.

It will be interesting to see how this transition proceeds, and what becomes of the property, located at Wisconsin and Newark, across from the Wisconsin Avenue Giant.

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