Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Dogs terrorize Cleveland Park

As reported on the Cleveland Park Listserv,

Two dogs just wandered through my yard - coming up from Macomb through our yard on Newark Street and now Highland. One doesn't have a collar but both look lost and wandering. One is a caramel colored boxer looking dog - not too big - maybe 60 pounds. The other is a black and white husky, that looks well rounded and maybe a bit on the older side.

The one canine was described as "light brown, short haired, somewhat muscular dog. A medium sized dog. It had a round rather than sharp face. The dog looked well fed..."

The dogs are accused of mauling and or killing several cats in the neighborhood.

According to 2nd District MPD Commander Andy Solberg, "be warned that if they have attacked and killed cats they are
likely not to be afraid to attack again. We encourage all residents to get to safety as a matter of first priority, and call 911 or 311 to report these dogs".

From the Cleveland Park Listserv:
Animal Control has caught the brown dog - a pit bull/boxer mix. It was not a stray. He got away from his owner in Rock Creek Park. The owner has been informed that the dog killed two cats and the Department of Health is investigating. They have not had any reports of sightings of a loose husky, so they think that he probably went home.

If anyone had a good look at the brown dog or saw it during one of the attacks, Animal Control would appreciate your coming down there to identify it.

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