Friday, January 19, 2007

DDOT Initiative hits AU Park

As part of the first 100 days, Mayor Fenty has detailed the Department of Transportation to follow through on a safe streets inititiative, which features traffic calming and pedestrian safety. As part of this, DDOT is moving forward with the installation of several speed bumps. The DC Examiner featured the 46th street "addition" in a recent article:

In the coming months, DDOT will install the bumps, sometimes called speed humps or speed “cushions,” along several high traffic thoroughfares, including 46th Street from River Road to Massachusetts Avenue Northwest, ...
“It’s definitely quite a big commuter route, and I think speed bumps help slow and control traffic in that area,” said Talia Primor, who represents the stretch of 46th Street on Advisory Neighborhood Commission 3E.

The locations generally are selected in response to neighborhood requests, though DDOT audits each site to determine whether a speed bump is called for. The District installed 45 speed bumps in 2005 and about 80 more in 2006.

The stretch of 46th Street had featured speed bumps before a 2005 resurfacing project. ANC 3E had asked for a review prior to their reinstallation.

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