Tuesday, January 16, 2007

ANC 3C Meeting 1/22

Monday, Jan. 22, ANC 3C meeting. Meeting begins at 7:30PM at the 2nd District
Police Station Community Room.

Introduction of Dee Smith, Constituent Services Coordinator, Office of Councilmember Mary Cheh

Consent Calendar: Public Space application filed by the British Embassy to erect a new service entrance off of Observatory Circle and new gatehouse and expanded mail facility with a portion of the gatehouse located in public space

Other Business:

Election of 2007 ANC 3C Officers

Consideration of Washington International School’s Special Exception application to increase enrollment by 25 students bringing total enrollment to 450 students, and increasing faculty and staff by 8 persons

Consideration of an application for a new liquor license and entertainment endorsement at Divino Lounge Restaurant, 3407 Connecticut Ave., NW; license would allow alcoholic beverage sale, service, and consumption from 11:30AM-2AM,
Sunday through Thursday, and until 3AM on Friday and Saturday; entertainment endorsement would allow background music with occasional DJ and tango lessons from 6PM-2AM, Sunday through Thursday, and until 3AM on Friday and Saturday Consideration of a resolution urging the Zoning Administrator to respond to a January 2005 ANC 3C request for an opinion on whether a proposed building at 3714 Massachusetts Ave., NW, owned by Soka Gakkai International, can be
permitted as a matter of right or whether it should be subject to a special exception process which would require that any prematurely issued permits be rescinded;

Consideration of a resolution that would require full disclosure of the extent of a building project, including a list of needed permits and all design plans, at the time that the first permit associated with the project is filed with the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs Approval of the 2007 ANC 3C committee chairmanships and 2007 meeting

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