Thursday, August 10, 2006

Plotkin on the Ward 3 race

Washington, D.C.: Mark, great job last week with the WashPost Radio forum with Ward 3 candidates. Is the "Full Time" (Rice, Brooks) vs. "Part Time" (Cheh, Strauss) councilmember issue something that can bring out differences in this race, and who are your 2-3 front-runners?

Mark Plotkin: QUESTION # 20

Let me correct something right away. I Mark Plotkin was not the questioner on Washington Post Radio. The questioner was the esteemed and able (are you reading this Segraves?) colleague Mark Segraves. He expertly handled all the debates on Washington Post Radio. The Northwest Current is responsible for this grievous error. Segraves and I are writing a letter to correct this historic misidentification.

So that takes care of that. Last week I said the front runners were Cheh, who just got the endorsement of the Northwest Current. Bill Rice, Robert Gordon, Paul Strauss, but the Post endorsement will probably be critical here. But there�s plenty of time before September 12 for someone to catch fire.

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