Saturday, August 05, 2006

Chevy Chase, Maryland to adopt Speed Cameras

Excerpted below:

By Tarron Lively
Published August 5, 2006

A Chevy Chase neighborhood is adopting a speed-camera program following a test project that will serve as a model for other parts of Montgomery County.

The Chevy Chase Village Police Department installed a stationary camera this summer along a short stretch of Connecticut Avenue, north of the Chevy Chase Circle.

Police Chief Roy Gordon said the results were favorable but that the department did not keep records of how many motorists were photographed during the test. He said the camera was put in that area because it is notorious for speeders. Chief Gordon said the department will start looking for camera vendors this month, then put two cameras in the same spot on Connecticut Avenue -- one for northbound and the other for southbound motorists. Chief Gordon said citations will not include points and that fines will not exceed $40. The revenue would go toward traffic or pedestrian safety.

"That's all spelled out in the law," he said. "You can't just use [the funds] for anything."

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