Sunday, September 18, 2016

Hearst Heats Up

The DC Department of General Services recently held a public meeting to discuss the renovation of the Hearst Recreation Center on 37th Street between Cleveland Park and North Cleveland Park - or Wakefield, depending on what you want to call the NoQue area.

At the meeting, DGS shared a presentation with 3 options, all of which included an outdoor swimming pool. This would be a very exciting development for residents in the area, many of whom have been asking the city for an outdoor pool in upper NW for decades.

Of course, the regular fears and complaints are present: the pool is too small to be useful, the pool is too large and takes away other park amenities, traffic, parking, maintenance - you name it, they are all re-hashed from any proposals that suggest change in the area.

There is a supporter petition and website.

There is an opposition website as well, but if you support a great public amenity, stay tuned for an official DGS survey, coming out shortly.

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