Friday, September 10, 2010

Ward 3 Resident Challenges Fenty

In an interesting 11th hour switch, Ward 3 resident Bill Slover is clearing the air with respect to his term as Chair of the DC Housing Authority. Slover, and avid Fenty supporter in 2006, was named Chair of the DC Housing Authority by Adrian Fenty. In November 2009, he was abruptly removed. Things were relatively quiet on this issue until the September 1 Washington Post Mayoral debate, when Chairman Gray asked the Mayor:

"Why did you the fire man who raised issues about contracts given to people with ties to you?"

In a follow-up, the Mayor told Washington Post reporter Mike DeBonis:

If you look at the full record, and we've got letters to prove this, the attorney general for the city repeatedly raised to the Housing Authority that the contracts should have been sent to the council very early on in the process, and it was that failure to send the contracts to the council by the housing authority that was the chief recommendation by the attorney general to our director of boards and commissions as the reason why the chair was removed.

Now, Slover has penned a letter clearing his good name.

Loose Lips at the City Paper has additional coverage.

This is potentially the "September Surprise" that the Mayor wants to avoid. It certainly seems like it is a problem for his administration.

If you are a Fenty supporter, does this give you pause before you vote?

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