Saturday, September 04, 2010

ANC 3 Candidates

Here is the list of residents who have submitted petitions for ANC seats. *indicates incumbent.

3B01 Benjamin Thielen
3B02 Alev Akbulut
3B02 Jackie Blumenthal*
3B03 Mark Stevens
3B04 Horace (Howie) Kreitzman*
3B05 Brian A. Cohen*

3C01 Lee Brian Reba*
3C02 William Kummings*
3C03 Anne-Marie Bairstow*
3C03 Matthew James Kozik
3C04 Roger Burns*
3C05 Leila J. Afzal*
3C06 Trudy Reeves*
3C07 Victor Silveira*
3C08 Catherine S. May*
3C09 Nancy J. MacWood*

3D01 Kent Slowinski*
3D01 Elizabeth (Betsy) Sandza
3D02 Tom Smith*
3D03 Nan Wells*
3D04 Stu Ross*
3D05 William Phillip Thomas*
3D06 Ann F. Heuer*
3D06 John Curran
3D08 Lee P. Minichiello*
3D09 Petar A. Dimtchev
3D09 Ann Haas*

3E01 Beverly Sklover*
3E01 Jonathan McHugh
3E02 Matthew Frumin*
3E03 Jonathan Bender*
3E04 Sally J. Greenberg
3E04 Tom Quinn
3E05 Sam Serebin*

3F01 Adam Tope
3F01 Michael Siegel
3F02 Karen Lee Perry*
3F03 Karen Beiley
3F04 Tom Whitely*
3F05 Roman Jankowski
3F06 Cathy Wiss*
3F07 Bob Summersgill

3G01 Carolyn "Callie" Cook*
3G01 Bayard Brewin
3G02 Gary Thompson*
3G03 Margaret (Peggy) Sewell*
3G04 Allen E. Beach*
3G05 David Engel*
3G06 Jim McCarthy*
3G07 Henry Griffin*
3G07 Jack Burriesci


Milton said...

On your ANC 3B list, Jackie Blumenthal deserves a nice big asterisk. She is the very effective incumbent.

DC Poster said...

Duly noted, thank you!

Paul&Melissa said...

I strongly endorse Jonathan McHugh for the ANC 3E01 spot, as has the GGW. I have known Jonathan for years and he will do a great job representing the interests of our Tenleytown neighborhood.