Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Truth in Unity?

As forwarded to this forum from the CPCA Listserv, it seems that a CPCA Presidential Candidate has a problem in being fully honest and up front in his representations to the community.

The most recent is associated with a post by a fellow candidate who was promoting a community event on Rosh Hashanah (way to be all-inclusive there, team!). According to Candidate Chelen,

One of our running mates, Sean Mullen, running for Assistant Corresponding Secretary, wasn't permitted to post a message announcing his event at Sorriso this coming Friday. That was inconsistent with Bill Adler's permission for the Aware group to post a message announcing their event last week. Eventually, after I strenuously intervened, that message was permitted to post.

However a Cleveland Park Listserv moderator chimed in:

"We don't know what John Chelen is talking about when he says he "intervened" to get through a post by Sean Mullen. We did not have any exchanges with him about that but wrote directly to Sean Mullen to let him know about the no-crosspost rule. On Sept. 12 we put through Sean's resubmitted message about his meet and greet.

This latest fib is on the heels of allegations that the Reform Slate had removed its association with the "pro-Giant" AWARE moniker. Obviously this is an error. So too, it appears are suggestions that the Reform Slate wants to "kill" the overlay.

According to Chelen:

I've talked to several people from the Reform slate who want to kill it, and you'll find that in their public statements.

Candidate Roth has replied:

I publicly challenged your statement for a reason. Your post informed the community that you had "talked to several people from the Reform slate who want to kill it [the overlay], and you'll find that in their public statements." Several members of the Reform Slate, myself included, have subsequently made public statements very much to the contrary. Further, no one on the Slate, which includes 5 people you have not meet, recall such a conversation or has taken such a position.

So is there truth in Unity, or is this just going to be more of the same?


IMGoph said...

those of us in other parts of the city, like trinidad, are having a grand old time watching your neighborhood's commercial areas implode before everyone's eyes. we'd love to have half the services you have, yet your neighbors all act like what's going on over there is worse than a new civil war.

i implore you all to grow up and realize how good you have it.

DC Poster said...

I couldn't agree with you more. It is sad to see business big and small want to invest in the District and in Cleveland Park and have a small number of residents trump attempts for revitalization.