Saturday, September 19, 2009

City Paper Updates "Humpifiction"

The City Paper has updated the previously covered Chevy Chase speed hump issue by noting:

the ANC requested the speed humps be removed pending the collection of data; it also wants an oversight hearing on the entire process.

The NW Current goes a bit further:

The commission also chastised the agency for not waiting to construct the humps until after the neighborhood commission could weigh in on them.

“What role, if any, does the ANC play in this?” asked neighborhood commissioner Jim McCarthy.

At Monday’s sparsely attended meeting, the commissioners also questioned why the city installed such large speed humps on Morrison Street. “These are the most punitive speed humps that I’ve ever seen, except on Newark Street,” said neighborhood commissioner Peggy Sewell. “Speeding is one thing; trying to scare drivers off their street is totally unacceptable.”

Didn't DDOT Spokesperson John Lisle already answer Commissioner McCarthy's question?

In the past, the agency would require a traffic study be completed for every request. Now, residents simply have to get the majority of their neighbors to sign a petition.

The city's guidelines are clear. What seems murky is why, in July, the ANC didn't do what it said it would do in their June meeting, and why it seems to perpetuate this story rather than helping the others in the community who wish to have speed humps for public safety obtain them.

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