Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Zoning Commission: Giant Rolls On

Another 3 and one-half hours of testimony for the Streetworks/Giant development proposal in Cleveland Park, and the process inches forward. While this is a complicated case, the proceedings should be much further along. However, the opposition to the project has splintered into several little groups, each gaining "party status" causing redundant, often infuriating testimony (ie questions?) of the applicant, and now the agencies.

Representatives from the DC Office of Planning and the DC Department of Transportation gave their reports last night. This was supposed to have been followed by the ANC and supporting neighborhood groups. However, the proceedings stalled upon the closure of the Agency reports due to the duration of the testimony (I mean questions) of the DC Officials.

Next stop, April 23rd, 441 4th Street, second floor.


Scott G said...

What a sham. Why this vocal and scorched earth minority continues to fight progress (while pretending to be progressive) boggles the mind. You see though, they'll "win." But sometimes victory is actually defeat for them and the rest of us who aren't willing to wage an insane scorched earth opposition strategy. Unfortunately, it's much much easier to "oppose things" rather than making a nuanced compromise.

Does it seem like they'll be able to scuttle things like they're aiming to do?

DC Poster said...

They will certainly continue on this path. They have provided a very lengthy legal response as to why the development proposal violates other law in the District.

In seems pretty clear that legal action will follow if the Zoning Commission doesn't vote the way they want it to.

On the other hand, there is a unique component here in that project supporters have organized and obtained hundreds of signatures, petition letters and other group support.

At the end of the day though, the provincial attitude of the opponents do nothing to shape the overall development in a harmonious way to a better development. Afterall the proposal has already changed significantly based on community input. How much is a developer supposed to do while keeping the project economically viable?