Sunday, April 19, 2009

Roger Lewis and Wisconsin Avenue Development

In his weekly "Shaping the City" column Architect and Professor Roger Lewis discussed the Wisconsin Avenue Giant and the Tenley-Janney Public-Private Partnership proposals.

Some of the highlights:

Some residents of the District cling to a suburban mentality. This mentality, coupled with government mismanagement, can obstruct desirable redevelopment. For the city to evolve, residents' attitudes and government performance must change.

They may represent a minority of people affected by redevelopment, but that minority can be organized and outspoken while redevelopment supporters remain silent. Hearing little from the majority and pressured by the minority, the city can make bad decisions.

Much suburban fabric is relatively static. Much urban fabric is relatively dynamic, changing as circumstances change. Living in cities means accepting and even embracing change. Living in America's capital city should be no exception.

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