Thursday, August 02, 2007

Two DDOT notes regarding the greater Tenley area

Note One
The District Department of Transportation removed the barrier at the River Road, Fessenden and 45th Streets intersection. In May 2007, DDOT announced at a public meeting it would be taking certain measures to help improve vehicular and pedestrian safety at the intersection at River Road, Fessenden and 45th Streets. Once these measures were completed, DDOT would commence to remove the existing barrier.

The courses of action included:

* Complete the installation of the traffic signal at Wisconsin and River Road to allow for a signalized left turn onto Wisconsin Avenue.

* Remove the bushes/shrubs in the public space to greatly improve sightline visibility.

* Coordinate with MPD to install a speed camera on River Road.

* Re-stripe the crosswalks with high-visibility crosswalks. Install new high visibility pedestrian signage.

* Install new signage indicating no left turn during morning rush hours at both Fessenden and Ellicott Streets to discourage through traffic and encourage vehicles to utilize the new traffic signal at Wisconsin and River Road.

DDOT will continue to evaluate the area for a 180-day period at which time, if necessary, further measures may be recommended.

Note Two
In addition to the afore mentioned DCFD light at the Tenley Firehouse, there will also be a signal installed at Wisconsin and Warren Streets:

The signal at Wisconsin and Warren , NW will be separate from the signal at Wisconsin and Engine Company Number 20. The signal at Wisconsin and Warren, NW will cycle like a normal semi-actuated signal with a full component of vehicular and pedestrian signal heads; its operation will not be dependent upon the presence or absence of a fire truck at Engine Company Number 20. All pedestrian signal heads will feature the countdown modules. All vehicular and pedestrian movements will be permitted at Wisconsin and Warren , NW, but there will be no turn arrows designating permitted or protected movements.

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